Never ever forget a thing again! That's possible - with Cling . Our impressive app will cement anything you want to remember to your brain - just like a highly effective brain glue: difficult words in a foreign language, the names of all Roman emperors or the periodic table of the elements.

Just feed our flexible app with the information you want to memorise, regardless of what it is. From now on you will practise without much effort. Cling will check on your knowledge in specific intervalls - which have been precisely worked out - just before you are about to forget that precious information for good.

How does Cling know? The amount of time between learning a fact and forgetting it irretrievably is the same for everyone. The scientist Piotr Woźniak has translated this insight into a brillant schedule and developed a method which is known as super memo. At Cling we have applied this algorithm of repetition: You will love our app.

"Mit Cling macht das Lernen Spaß und die Anwendung sieht dabei noch richtig gut aus. In Zukunft werden Sie nie wieder etwas vergessen, denn Cling wird Sie erinnern, bevor Sie das gelernte Wissen wieder vollständig verlieren." (12.10.2010)